The school district recognizes that students may need to take prescribed medication during the school day in order to be able to attend school without jeopardizing their health. The goal is to ensure that medication is safely administered to students within the requirements of state law.

Written Authorization
If your child has to take medicine while at school, the district must receive a written authorization form signed by you AND the child’s health care provider, stating the name of the medication, method, amount, and time schedule of the medication (EC Section 49423). You can print a Durham Unified School District Medication Authorization form from this website, or you may stop at the health office to obtain one. Written authorization is required for both prescription AND over-the-counter medications, such as Tylenol.  Faxed Medication Authorization forms can be accepted from a doctor’s office. Please call us and we will assist you in getting the form completed.

State law allows students to carry and self-administer an asthma inhaler or emergency epinephrine (Epipen or Twinject) medication, if the student’s parent and the health care provider give written permission. If your child needs to carry an asthma inhaler, discuss this with your doctor and have him/her complete the Medication Authorization form with the box checked for “Self Administration of Medication.” Please take into consideration your child’s age and ability when requesting that they self-administer asthma medication. Young children may need assistance to use their inhalers effectively.

Medication Supplies
As parent/guardian, you must supply the school with all medicine your child must take during the school day. You or another adult must deliver the medicine to school (except medicine your child is authorized to carry). Each medicine must be in a separate container labeled by a pharmacist (for prescription medication) or the original bottle (for over-the-counter medicine). Pick up all discontinued, outdated or unused medicine before the end of the school year.

For information on student rights related to medication administration assistance visit the California Dept of Education website.