Asymptomatic weekly testing applies to several groups: unvaccinated staff, athletes
playing indoor sports, and those on modified quarantine following an on-campus
exposure to a Covid-19 positive person. Additionally, testing is required of all
unvaccinated coaches and volunteers working with or transporting students. This
program is being offered free of charge for students, staff and volunteers of Durham
Unified School District. This will help to ensure that we meet the California Department
of Public Health Guidelines currently in effect.

Registration Process and Results
This process will only take you a few minutes! Staff or parent volunteers, follow prompts
to register as “myself”. If you are a parent/guardian, you will first enter your name then
select “Minor” to register your student. Click on this link to register:
Be sure to include information for the person being tested when you register. All
consents are gathered electronically during this process and remain in effect for one
year. Many of the questions asked are used for local and State reporting purposes and
your information is not shared beyond that. Results will be shared with the contact
person provided on your registration after testing is completed. If there is a positive test
site administrators will also be notified automatically.

Type of Tests:
We will primarily be using PCR testing for our asymptomatic testing as it is the most
accurate. Each person will self-swab for a test sample. Our health staff will label
samples, place swabs into containers, and overnight ship them to the lab. Results
should be available 24-48 hours after the sample is received by the lab. In cases where
a staff or student is symptomatic and a test result is needed immediately, we will also
have antigen (Rapid) testing available.

Testing Days and Times:
Our testing site is in Portable #13 on the Durham Intermediate School campus (next to
the Durham Intermediate Gym). Testing will be available on Mondays and Wednesdays
between 11:30am-3:30pm starting on 10/04/2021. Modified quarantine students will be
tested between days 5-7 following a classroom exposure. If you wish to have your child
who is on modified quarantine tested outside of school testing, please provide your
results to the Health Office once you receive them.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me, Jean Hensley, District Nurse, by phone
530-895-4680 ext 226 or via email