The Durham Unified School District is looking at two possibilities to return students to school. DUSD is working with the Butte County Public Health Department on a Waiver to allow in-person instruction for Transitional Kindergarten through 6th grade. Additionally, with Butte County moving to Tier II (Red) in the state monitoring system, schools have the opportunity to open IF the county stays in the Tier II (Red) for two straight weeks.

In either case, Durham Unified needs information from our families before reopening. Specifically, we need to know all of the students that will attend in person and all of the students that prefer to remain in distance learning.

In order to return to in person learning, we need to follow the states guidance for reopening schools In order to follow this guidance, we must follow facial covering, social distancing and hand washing guidelines.

This means that we would start with the plan as created by our Reopening Committee that is a blended plan. This would put half of our students attending Monday and Wednesday and the other half of students attending Tuesday and Thursday. Friday would be a Distance Learning day for all students.

In order to create social distancing on our busses, we need to minimize the number of students on the busses, and all students on busses will be required to wear masks. Our goal is to transport students that have no other way to get to school on busses.

In order to help us plan for your student’s return to school, please complete one questionnaire per student. We will be tracking responses per student and are asking that all families complete this questionnaire regarding whether or not their student will be attending in person or online classes for the rest of the school year.

English Questionnaire
Spanish Questionnaire