District Office

John BohannonSuperintendentSend a Message(530) 895-4675 ext 227
Aimee BeleuAssistant Superintendent of Business and OperationsSend a Message(530) 895-4675 ext 226
Jess KnoxBusiness ClerkSend a Message(530) 895-4675 ext 224
Tina BlennDistrict SecretarySend a Message(530) 895-4675 ext 227
Heather McCuneDistrict Services ClerkSend a Message(530) 895-4675 ext 221
Tracey StrickSpecial Projects CoordinatorSend a Message(530) 895-4685 ext 269

Maintenance, Operations and Transportation

Eric KolstadDirector of Maintenance, Operations and TransportationSend a Message(530) 895-4679 ext 264
Greg BallingerMechanic & DispatchSend a Message(530) 895-4678 ext 263

Food Services

Debbie SlightomFood Service ManagerSend a Message(530) 895-4697 ext 235

Student Services and Supports

Marilyn BertolucciDirector of Student Services and SupportsSend a Message(530) 895-4697 ext 246
Carmina VitalPsychologistSend a Message(530) 895-4697 ext247

Health Services Directory

Jean HensleyDistrict NurseSend a Message(530) 895-4685 ext 226
Carina EllisHealth TechSend a Message(530) 895-4697 ext 224