Students shall be enrolled in mathematics courses based on the following placement protocols.

  • Student earns a grade C or better in the prerequisite course to advance to the next course. (Student not achieving a C or better may repeat the course, take a credit recovery course, or elect to take a non-prep math course the following year.)
  • Prior year teacher recommendation will be considered when placing students
  • Score on placement test taken at the end of the previous course will be strongly considered
  • Student SBAC scores will be considered in determining placement decision.

Prior to the Fall student Orientation, student and parent may request a review of the placement decision. Within 10 schools days of an initial placement decision or a placement decision upon reevaluation, a student and his/her parent/guardian who disagree with the placement may appeal the decision to the principal. The Superintendent or designee shall decide whether or not to overrule the placement determination within 10 school days of receiving the appeal. The decision of the Superintendent or designee shall be final.

Board approved June 15, 2016