Archived Bond Communications

Measure X Update, October 16, 2019

On Tuesday, October 15th, Alan Chambers of Eagle Architects, who is our bond projects manager, came to our schools with representatives of School Works, a company that specializes in facility assessments.The purpose of the visit was to conduct an in-depth assessment of our facilities as a first step in the creation of our master plan for bond projects.

All areas of our school sites, with a focus on classrooms and cafeterias, and our maintenance and operations facilities, were evaluated. The resultant assessment report/master plan will be created and presented to the governing board at the December 18th meeting. Pending approval of the plan by the trustees, a timeline for the projects will be created and work will commence, with minimizing impact to the kids during the projects as a key imperative.

Please check back for updates.

Meeting of the Durham Unified School District Bond Oversight Committee

Organizational Meeting

Monday, September 30th 7:00 PM

9420 Putney Drive, Durham, California 95938

1.  Welcome/Introductions – District Administrators
2. Committee member introductions
3.  Public comment
4.  Committee purpose – role/responsibilities – Bond Counsel, Meredith Johnson
5.  Election of Chair and Vice Chair
6.  Establish dates and format of meetings
7. Series A Bond Sale Summary
8.  Adjournment

Bond Oversight Committee Opening is Available All general obligation school bonds require a Citizen’s Oversight Committee. The purpose of the committee as defined in the CA Education Code – “To inform the public concerning expenditure of bond revenues.” The members of the committee will meet periodically with district leadership and bond related personnel to stay informed as to plans and progress as we move forward with bond projects. We are seeking a committee member who is also a current member of a Taxpayer’s Organization, one of the criteria for a member required by the state. If you have an interest in participating in this capacity, or have additional questions, please contact Lloyd Webb, Superintendent, at 530 895-4675 x227.

Durham Unified School District 

Durham Unified School District is requesting Statements of Qualifications (SOQ) from qualified architectural firms to perform architecture/engineering services for the District’s future new construction and modernization projects. Interested firms must have experience with California public school projects which comply with all requirements set forth by the Office of Public School Construction (OPSC). It is the District’s intent to select an architectural firm to conduct Conditions and Needs Assessments and to assist in the implementation of projects as a result of their successful bond passage. Durham Unified School District is located in Butte County, CA and operates three schools – an elementary, intermediate and high school. In addition to the local bond measure the District is also potentially eligible for State funding. In order to inform the priorities of the bond measure and identify the District’s needs, the selected firm’s first priority is to perform an assessment of existing facilities and programs. The District reserves the right to retain the same firm to plan, design and oversee construction of the bond projects.  SUBMITTALS AND DEADLINE 
SOQ submittals will be accepted in print form or via email. All submittals must be received by 3:00 p.m. PST, Friday, July 5, 2019.  Email submittals: 
SOQs submitted via email are encouraged in lieu of printed submissions, but not required. If an email SOQ is provided, please send in PDF format, not larger than 8MB. If printed copies are submitted, please provide three (3) total copies.  For electronic submittals, email to the Superintendent, Lloyd Webb at 
Priht submittals may be sent to: Lloyd Webb, Superintendent Durham Unified School District 
9420 Putney Dr. Durham CA 95938  This RFQ is neither a formal request for bids, nor an offer by the District to contract with any party responding to this RFQ. This RFQ does not commit the District to award a contract or to reimburse any applicant for costs incurred in submitting qualifications. The District, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to interview any, all or none of the firms submitting to this RFQ; or to amend or cancel in part, or in its entirety, this RFQ.  Date Published: April 23, 2019 on Durham Unified School District’s website (  SELECTION CRITERIA 
Qualifications submitted in response to this RFQ will be evaluated on the following criteria: 

  • Depth of public school planning, design and new construction/modernization experience
    (particularly at the elementary school level)
  • Creative project problem solving
  • Project architect’s experience in successful and timely approval of firm’s projects through Division of the State Architect
  • Project architect’s knowledge of applicable State regulations and California school
    construction/modernization practices
  • Responsiveness to the RFQ- breadth and quality of response\References from clients

The successful firm will demonstrate, through its qualifications submittal, that it has carefully studied the District’s expectations as stated in the RFQ. This submission must show that the firm has the professional capability and personality to be a full service architect who will facilitate and oversee bidding, construction, close-out and occupancy of each project.  STATEMENT OF QUALIFICATIONS 
The Statement of Qualifications should include the following items. Please respond in the same 
order/format listed below.  1. Cover Letter/Letter of Interest

  • Letter must be signed by a representative with authorization to bind the firm
  • Include name, address, phone number and e-mail address for the primary point of contact where communications concerning this RFQ process should be directed

2. Firm Organization; Credentials and Background

  • Brief firm history and description
  • Length of time working with public school districts in California
  • Location of office (address and phone number) which will perform services associated with this work
  • Size of staff
  • Capacity to service Durham Unified School District in rural Butte County

4. Project Team

  • Identify design team members and their relevant experience for the prime firm and any sub­consultants
  • Provide an organizational chart showing the District’s relationship to your firm and any sub­consultants; identify who will be the primary contact for the District
  • Resumes for key team members of the prime firm, including:
    • Principal-in-Charge
    • Project Manager
    • Project Architect/Designer
    • Any others who will work on the District’s projects
  • Provide the following information for all sub-consultants (at a minimum, include structural, civil, mechanical, electrical, landscape architecture and cost estimating):
    • Firm name
    • Location of office (address and phone number) which will perform services associated with this work
    • Relevant project experience (particularly at the elementary school level)

3. Relevant Experience

  • Describe the firm’s depth of public school planning, design and new construction/ modernization experience
  • At least one (1) example of facilities needs assessments that your firm has completed for a comparable school district. Include the following information:
    • Brief description of the scope of services
    • Size of the school district
    • Number of school sites involved
    • Total dollar value of the identified project needs
    • Year completed or current status
  • Include a minimum of three (3) relevant K-12 school projects within the last five (5) years and provide the following information for each project:
    • Project name and location
    • Project type and brief description (include any unique challenges or problems that needed to be solved by the design team)
    • Year completed or current status
    • Total construction cost (or budget if not complete)
    • Size of the project

5. Approach/Methodology

  • Describe your firm’s approach to school new construction and modernization projects.
  • Describe your firm’s approach to cost estimating, including a recent history of cost estimates versus actual bid amount (or GMP) on a minimum of three (3) projects completed in the past five (5) years.
  • Describe your firm’s experience with State and local agencies, including the Division of the State Architect (DSA), the Office of Public School Construction (OPSC), the California Department of Education (CDE), State Fire Marshal and local jurisdictions.
  • Describe your experience with various construction delivery methods (i.e. design-bid-build, design­build, lease-leaseback, etc.).
  • What is your firm’s quality control/quality assurance procedures, including coordination of design disciplines and DSA final close-out with certification?
    6. Client Satisfaction/References
  • List a minimum of three (3) education client references for whom your firm has performed similar project services. Include contact name, title, client/school district, address, phone number and e­mail address. At least one (1) contact must be for project experience cited under Section 3 above.

The schedule for selection of the architectural firm is as follows: 
Issuance of RFQ: April 19, 2019 
SOQs Due to District: May 10, 2019 (by 3pm) Interviews: To Be Determined Selection of Architect: To Be Determined  CAUTIONARY STATEMENTS 1. Direct contact with members of the School Board. Respondents are warned that any direct contact with a member of the Board of Education regarding a proposal is likely to result in that firm’s disqualification from the process.2. Sufficient information has been presented in this RFQ to submit a proposal. The District requests that firms direct all questions in writing, via e-mail to Lloyd Webb ( and not contact the teachers or maintenance staff directly. These individuals are not directly involved in the RFQ process but may be involved in the design process.


Lloyd WebbSuperintendent of DUSD 
(530) 895-4675