Message from the Superintendent

Welcome Tigers, Panthers, and Trojans to the 2019-20 school-year!  I hope it was a wonderful summer for everyone, with many happy moments shared with friends and loved ones.  

Looking back for a moment….The 2018-19 school year was a very eventful one in many ways, not the least of which was the Camp Fire of last November.  I once again thank the Durham community for your wonderful support for the students and staff of Ponderosa Elementary School. I remain awestruck at the efforts of everyone, given so graciously, coalescing in extremely short order, to rally around those who lost their school and homes and provide them a safe and caring place to continue their education.  Ponderosa was able to re-establish a site in Paradise for the upcoming year. Join me in wishing them the very best!  

We will continue to support our families and students who experienced loss during the fire.  Socio-emotional counseling remains in place and available to the kids who may struggle. Do not hesitate to contact us if a need arises, relevant to that event, or for any other reason.

2018-19 was also a year of great successes for the Durham community.  The passage of Measure X, our school bond, illustrated Durham’s support of our schools, and I thank you again.  We are in the process of finalizing the priority order for the site improvement projects. Our web-site has a “Bond” tab on the home page, where updates can be found as we progress.

Durham High School was named a California Distinguished School, a testimony to the efforts of our DHS staff, volunteers, parents, and students.  Durham Unified was named a California Exemplary District, a testimony to all of the efforts of the staff, volunteers, parents, and students at all three schools.  

We look forward to another year working with our students and community to provide not only a world class academic and career-technical education, but also a totality of experiences that provide for the kids the skills and mind-set with which to continue learning, growing, and creating a successful and happy future.  

I would like to use this opportunity to recap what I feel are the most important ingredients for your son’s or daughter’s success in school….

  • Proactively initiate contact and build strong working partnerships with his/her teacher(s).  It is my belief that this is the most beneficial step of all. Encourage your son or daughter to do the same.  
  • Stay “tuned in” to what your son or daughter is learning in class, provide a consistent time and place for studying at home, and encourage them to proactively seek help from their teacher when they are struggling. 
  • Encourage your son or daughter to become involved in school activities.  The benefits and life-lessons they garner from this cannot be overstated.
  • Be actively involved with the school.  That can take the form of participating in one or more of our many support organizations, as a volunteer, and /or attending the multitude of school events offered each year.

We look forward to the coming school year and working together for the benefit of the kids and community.

Go Tigers, Panthers, and Trojans!!!

With my regards,

Lloyd Webb, Superintendent