Durham Community –
As the students and staff complete four weeks of distances learning and take a Spring Break, I am looking back at all that they have accomplished.

After the sudden closure of all schools in California, the Durham
teachers were asked to develop “distance learning” plans for students for a few weeks which soon changed to ”a few more weeks” and then immediately changed to “for the remainder of the school year”. The staff
continued to be nimble and adjust as each challenge was put before them, providing both on-line options and educational packets for the students. On the flipside, kudos to the many adults on the home front who are now Durham Unified teaching partners!

When we return from the break, there are still many dilemmas that we don’t yet have answers for – but have been discussing. The numerous end of the year activities are events that many students remember for a lifetime.

Graduations, promotions, FFA and fair activities, etc. are at the forefront of our minds. Please know that as the Durham Unified staff, parents, School Board and members of the community have discussions – communications will be sent out to keep all in the loop.

Wishing everyone a safe and healthy Spring Break,
Joanne Parsley
Durham Superintendent